Why is the grass always greener on the other side?

Why is the grass always greener on the other side?

Haven’t we all felt that school days were the best? Or rather “take me back to my college days”? Or the other person on Facebook or Instagram has a better life? We all have felt our job doesn’t deserve us and we are born to do something else? Or maybe our relationship is not as good as the other couples?

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. Be it personal, professional, or social. We all have felt it, at some point in our lives. Although, this statement holds a cent percent true for someone living in a war zone like Iraq, but for us, millennials, life is pretty fine.

Here are 11 facts about world poverty. I don’t intend to make you feel better reading these, but just giving you a relative perspective, howsoever unsatisfied we feel, our lives are just fine.

It is a vicious cycle – how the grass always seems greener on the other side.

Why is the grass greener then?

With social media in our faces, most of the hours of the day, the Fear of Missing Out(FOMO) has skyrocketed. Also, with so many choices and options, we tend to create a fantasy world, where we get what we want without any sacrifices, and all our conditions are met.

Also, the fear of missing out on something better has compounded. Buying a car, but wanting a higher model, buying a house, but wanting the one you saw on Instagram, being in a relationship, but feeling it’s not as good as the other couple on Facebook and so on. Maybe I deserved something better? has become a real feeling!

We have to make choices and learn to live with them, but with the plethora of choices and options, making a choice has become an overtly stressful decision. Moreover, being happy with that choice seems to be an old schoolish thing.

What to do then?

A ubiquitous response is to change the external cues. Changing places to live, leaving a desk job and starting to do a world journey, and so on. But the initial high of change is lost sooner or later, and again the vicious cycle of – his life seems better starts.

Rather – Water the grass on your side, and make it greener.

Something that can work!

1 – Journaling

Writing down what you are feeling. Let the words flow on a paper. Don’t try to think much or make sense. This will help you find out the real reason for your dissatisfaction.

Many a time, grass being greener, is basically an external projection of your inner dissatisfaction or inability to do something. Identifying this can be a real game-changer.

2- Work with what you have!

There is just no point comparing. Everything and everyone is special in their own way. Even the biggest celebrities and politicians, whom we idolize and envy the lives of, have issues ( rather they have more issues than us :P).

Rather, have goals. And barter in order to reach the ultimate green grass, you see in your fantasies.

Spend in those extra hours in the gym and control your diet to get that perfect body, spend extra hours with your work project to get that job satisfaction, spend some more time with your loved ones to strengthen your emotional ties. And maybe, slowly you will reach the greener grass. Or in other words, you might end up watering your grass enough to eventually enjoy the soft, green grass.

Tell me if you guys have felt the same and what did you do to overcome that feeling? And do you also feel that this feeling is fuelled by the high penetration of social media in our generation? Leave a comment below!