Weekend Getaways – What do they really mean?

The moment I finally attained the freedom to travel alone, I have been an ardent fan of discovering new places. Although as a kid, I remember my parents taking us out for family dinners on Saturday nights, it was only when I started working that I finally realized the importance of weekends.

Traveling on weekends was soon pooled into the catchy tag of “Weekend Getaways“. And one of my recent rendezvous was to the quaint town of Mukteshwar in Uttrakhand. The “tiny” snow peaks at a distance, the charming house we stayed in, the animated company I had, and exploring new treks and places were enough for my satiety. But I still felt something was amiss.

Too late to the party!

From being a medical student to now being a medical professional, weekends have never existed in our lives. Saturdays are mostly working and on Sunday’s you definitely get stuck up with some academic work or conference. A weekend to your own self is not a concept we are taught or we see others in our profession following. So anyway, the concept of weekend getaway’s is new for most doctors, justifying what thoughts like “Why do I need to do this? This is such a waste of time” and so on haunting me constantly.

The enchanting views are definitely a refreshing break from our mundane city lives!


Although, stated casually, the term “GETAWAY” was perturbing me. I did not want to get away from anything. I was more than happy running errands in my city. Going to work, doing what I really love, getting some me time in my room, maybe going for a walk, and eating dinner with family. Sometimes, might go out for a drink with friends. To some, it might sound like a boring weekend idea, but to me, it sounds perfect.

“A place where one escapes for relaxation, vacation, etc..” is how the dictionary describes a getaway. Yes, once in a while it does give you that break, where you just take a step back and go to a parallel world, just to come back to your original world. The one you have to deal with every day. What do we escape from if we enjoy this original world itself?

What is so attractive about it?

The smell of fresh air, cool breeze hitting the face while driving and the picturesque images of sunsets and sunrises can get the adrenaline rushing in any living thing, let alone human beings.

Also, the thought of taking a break, putting the routine at a halt for a few days, and just doing nothing can be a restart button in our lives.

I experienced both these things on my recent trip, which was possible after ages due to the dreaded pandemic,(ughh finally!) but I also introspected the entire “Weekend Getaway Culture” our generation has developed. We have started to believe in the idea of being in the mountains, a new city, or the mountains over the weekend and are infatuated with it. A simple quite weekend, makes us feel left out, moreover, it gives us the “Not so cool” feeling, which almost all of us stray away from.

The road less travelled, especially in the mountains excites every soul!

Although I don’t see a downside to this culture, I do feel some weekends can be silent, serene, and better spent in my bed or in my balcony, sitting and sipping coffee rather than driving 10 hours and setting up a new place to escape from I don’t know what.

Although I will continue to venture into more new places on my future getaways, doubts related to this concept are bound to haunt me on every getaway. All of this sounds grossly contradictory. Maybe this is who I am. A confused traveling doctor, who is irked if he is taken away from the hopsital, but when in hopsital wants to go away to the mountains 😛

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  1. Vinay

    Great piece!!!!
    I would like to have a discussion on this with you. Maybe over a weekend getaway 😛

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