BetterOfTwoWorlds is a personal blog of two people who come from very different backgrounds, but share an essential commonality in their zeal for life and will to work hard for what they want. They followed the traditional paths of a 90’s kid in India, one became a doctor and the other went on to do engineering and MBA. Now, they reflect on their lives, thought processes and everyday choices – divergent, yet similar. These two worlds are very different, and which one is better is for you to decide!

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Kriti Gupta

Hi everyone, I am so excited to finally get this blog alive and kicking. I have always enjoyed writing whenever time permits, which thanks to 72-hour work weeks and MBA shenanigans was a rare affair before. Guess there are some positive outcomes of Corona that aren’t too bad for your health! Other than cribbing about not writing enough, I love spending my free time playing board games (specially Catan, Risk), working out and just stepping out for a run/walk. Occasionally, I slip in a couple of high altitude mountain treks in a year.

I studied Chemical Engineering for my undergrad at IIT, Bombay (Class of 2015) geeking out on robots and self driving cars as a part of the Tech club. My first stint was with Deutsche Bank as a trading quant analyst. Later, I moved to IDG Ventures India (now Chiratae Ventures), an early-stage Venture Capital fund, looking at and working with Tech startups across sectors. I am currently an MBA student at Harvard Business School, Boston (Class of 2021). And, I intend to make a big difference in the Indian startup ecosystem eventually.

Pulak Vatsya

Finally a blog! Taking this big leap was a little difficult, considering I am an Orthopedician and I rarely get time away from my Operating Room and the hospital, and my other favorite routine being glancing through X-rays or reading a textbook. The rest of the time I get is spent on listening to a lot of music, playing the guitar and probably squeezing in a vacation here and there.

I got my MBBS degree from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi(MAMC, 2010) in 2015, and went on to study Orthopedics in the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research(PGIMER), Chandigarh till 2018. Since 2018, I have been a practicing Orthopedic-Surgeon, at present working in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences(AIIMS), New Delhi.

The idea of a blog seemed daunting, but the extended discussion about life, made me realize that our experiences in the hospital and with patients, shape the way we think so differently, it is something no one else can understand. And precisely that is what I wanted to put out through this blog.