As pandemic worsens, is opening up the lockdown right? (2/2)

As pandemic worsens, is opening up the lockdown right? (2/2)

It’s easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism

Mark Fisher, Capitalist Realism – Is there no alternative?

Tough times! huh? As I was browsing through blogs and articles about mental health and how economical crests and troughs affect the mental health, I came across a number of articles discussing how capitalism has given us the best of things in life but is the culprit for taking away one major thing from us – mental peace and satiety/satisfaction.

At present, we are at crossroads – Life vs Lifeline. Lifeline at present, as most of us understand is the economy. Proponents of opening up the lockdown, put across a solid argument of what will happen to the daily wage workers? what about those who die of hunger? and the poor? and the underprivileged? All being valid points. Here’s another similar viewpoint by my co-blogger.

Lockdown – Why?

Lockdown, essentially, as I see it, was not a solution, but a stop-gap procedure. It was to hopefully reduce disease transmission and focus on better preparedness. Better preparedness in terms of better plans, more Personal Protective Equipment, more hospitals, more space, more ventilators.

And I am assuming they will create more doctors, more ICU facilities, reinstate the faith of people in the healthcare system as well as of the doctors in the institution of healthcare of our country? Sadly, the latter part doesn’t happen overnight.

Although the streets appear beautiful, lockdown has pushed all of us against the wall.

End the lockdown now?

It seems like a good proposition. AC, After Coronavirus times, will be different. But that doesn’t mean putting a full stop on life. Businesses, daily-wage earners, and unskilled laborers can’t work from home forever.

This pandemic basically has exposed the existing fallacies of systems worldwide. From the crumbling “state of the art” healthcare system of the United States of America to the huge numbers of Indian population which continue to be unskilled and daily-wage workers and uneducated even after humungous amounts being pumped into the programs of making national education compulsory, free, vocational training and so on. What about the implementation?

Also, the healthcare system of our country has always been hanging by a string with poor investments and infrastructure. Such a pandemic exposed the entire system to problems that have always existed but constantly neglected. Few doctors, even fewer of them who have faith in the system, non existent ICU backups for the common man, expensive private healthcare and so on, are not problems that have quick fixes like lockdown or a fiscal stimulus.

Education, healthcare, stringent policies for sufficient funds ( reducing tax evasions), and to avoid the typical problems of “rich becoming richer and poor becoming poorer” are the only way forward.

At this time, most of the world is essentially clueless about the situation. Opening up the lockdown, imposing lockdown, fiscal stimulus, increasing manufacturing, and so on are just quick fixes. Till the time the elephant in the room, of education, healthcare, poverty, tax evasion, etc, are not addressed, such drastic scenarios, with innumerable loss of life and livelihood, will occur, once in a thousand years or maybe more frequently.